Born on the same day as Barbra Streisand and raised on a diet of American Soul Classics, Hanna Haïs has been singing since childhood.

Hanna’s first single “Il parlait pas français”, produced by Larry Heard, was released by French label Distance in 2002. It was a favorite of Laurent Garnier, and one of the first House Music tracks sung in French.

In 2005 Hanna Haïs released her first album 'Rosanova', which includes tracks produced by Matthias Heilbronn, Sergio Flores, Ralf Gum, Mikael Delta, Larry Heard and Christof Kardek. After Europe, the album was released all over Asia (Japan, Korea, Taïwan, China, India...) and in the USA. The album “Rosanova” has reached #2 in the dance Charts in Japan and Hanna has toured extensively in the Far East during the summer of 2006 to promote her album.

Her single ‘Rosa Nova’ was picked up by UK label Defected and her follow-up 'Jazz Samba', produced by Danny Marquez with an amazing Ian Carey Remix, went straight to #1 on Traxsource. Following 'Rosa Nova', Defected released in January 2007 another single from Hanna: 'Ta Reine', which was remixed by Jamie Lewis and DJ Pierre. It went straight to #1 on Traxsource again. Hanna has also had another single out that year ‘Jungo’, which was produced by Cutee B (of Bob Sinclar/’Rock This Party/Sound Of Freedom’ fame) and remixed by DJ Memê.

Hanna Haïs' tracks have been included on some of the most important and best-selling compilations including Defected Ibiza In The House, Defected Miami In The House, Soulheaven presents Masters At Work, Hed Kandi, Buzzin Fly, Ultra, Cirque du Soleil …

Since 2007 Hanna Haïs has been DJing professionally. She has now a residency in Paris at the Kube (famed for its ice bar) where she DJs and sings. She was asked to mix a compilation for ‘Hu U Sambal’, a club in Bali, and another compilation entitled ‘Love Deluxe 2’ for Ward Records in Japan.


'Rosanova' (Atal) 2005
‘Rosanova’ (Australia, Taïwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thaïland, Indonesia…) 2005
‘Rosanova’ (USA, Canada, Japan, India) 2006
‘Hu U Bali’ Mixed by Hanna Haïs (Japan, India, Indonesia…) 2008
‘Yes, Please! Vol 3’ Selected by Hanna Haïs (Atal) 2008
‘Love Deluxe 2’ Mixed by Hanna Haïs (Ward) 2008
‘Love Paradise’ (Atal-to be released) 2009

Hanna Haïs "Il parlait pas français" (Distance) 2002
Christoph Kardek feat. Hanna Haïs "Je sens" (Distance) 2002
Supermen Lovers feat Hanna Haïs "It's a Howling Session" (La Fessée) 2003
Hanna Haïs "Parfum Chic" (Atal) 2004
Hanna Haïs "Rosa Nova" (Atal) 2004
Cutee B feat. Hanna Haïs “Without You” (Woman) 2004
Hanna Haïs “Rosa Nova” (Defected/Fluential) 2005
Hanna Haïs “De toi à moi” (Atal) 2005
DJ Pierre feat. Hanna Haïs “Paris Collection (Feel Sexy)” (DJP Muzik/King Street) 2005
Hanna Haïs “(Je Ne Veux Plus Être) Ta Reine” (Atal) 2006
Hanna Haïs “Jazz Samba” (Atal) 2006
Hanna Haïs “Jungo” (Atal) 2006
Hanna Haïs “(Je Ne Veux Plus Être) Ta Reine” Jamie Lewis remixes (Defected) 2007
Tiger Stripes feat. Hanna Haïs “Yeya” (King Street) 2007
Hanna Haïs “Bel Amant” (Atal) 2007
Hanna Haïs “Jungo” Remixes (Atal) 2007
Tiger Stripes & Hanna Haïs “Consecration” Markus Enochson, Tiger Stripes & DJ EBAR Mixes (King Street) 2008
Hanna Haïs “Doucement” (Atal) 2008
Hanna Haïs “I Love America” DJ Memê Mixes (Atal) 2008
DJ Ebar & Hanna Haïs ‘Breakout’ (King Street) 2008
Hanna Haïs “Une journée avec toi” (Atal) 2009
Hanna Haïs “I Say Golé” (Lego, Boddhi Satva, Haldo Mixes) (Atal-to be released) 2009
Hanna Haïs “Mr Jim/Gospel” (Jamie Lewis Mixes) (Atal-to be released) 2009
Hanna Haïs “C’est Le Coeur” (Meme & Tom Moulton Mixes) (Atal-to be released) 2009
Hanna Haïs “New Day For You” Mr V & Alix Alvarez Mixes (Sole Channel Music) 2009
Twile People feat. Hanna Haïs “Without You” (Toolroom) 2009


Vendredi at l’Apericlub (Bar de Lune/Beechwood, UK) 2002 Arttowear (Conseil Général, F) 2002
Porno Chic 02 (Distance, F) 2002 Mega House (Wagram, F) 2002
House Proud 03, mixed by Alton Miller (Distance, F) 2003 St Tropez Loco Zen (Atoll, F) 2003
Porno Chic 03 (Distance, F) 2003
Residence 03 (Le Maquis, F) 2003
Harley & Muscle present Addicted To House 2 (Clubstar, D) 2003
Sunslice Festival (Sunslice, F) 2003
3ème Sycle (Sycle, F) 2003
Jamie Lewis Mykonos 2004 (Musikvertrieb, CH) 2004
Harley & Muscle present Savannah Beach Club Vol.2 (Clubstar, D) 2004
Deep & Sexy 03 mixed by Matthias Heilbronn (Wave, USA) 2004
Sunset People (United, NL) 2004
Playground Summer Sessions (Sheer Music, SAF) 2004
Café Solaire 6 (Clubstar, D) 2004
Mixwell Avenue (First Edition) - Mixed By Fistaz (Sheer Music, SAF) 2004
Studio - The Finest in Lounge & House Music mixed by Ralf Gum (CKP, D) 2004
Ibiza - From the Beach to the Club Vol 2 (Royal Plastic/Edel, A) 2004
Latin Touch (WPM Records, CH) 2004
So Happy in Paris (RLPMix Records, F) 2004
Ben Watt - Buzzin Fly Vol 2 (Buzzin Fly, UK) 2005
Fashion Decode (High Note, Taïwan) 2005
Alain Vinet House Compilation (Cirque Du Soleil, Canada) 2005
Blaze presents Soulheaven (Defected, UK) 2005
Ultra Chilled 5 (Ultra Records, USA) 2005
Francesco Diaz presents an Exciting Housemix (Musicmail, D) 2005
Madame Figaro (High Note, Taïwan) 2005
French Flavour (Choice of Music, D) 2005
Salsa Lounge (Hardsoul, NL) 2005
La Maison de l’Eléphant (Liquid, E) 2005
Only For DJ’s (Wagram, F) 2005
Dance Latino 2 (Eldance Recording, E) 2005
Empire (Universal, A) 2005
In The House Eivissa 05 (Defected, UK) 2005
Music For Cocktails 4 (United, NL) 2005
High Society Presents Bar Dance (EMI, Singapore) 2005
Open Bar (Media Services, USA) 2005
Defected In The House mixed by Copyright (Defected, UK) 2005
A House Affair with Francesco Diaz & Denis The Menace (Musicmail, D) 2005
Wax Wars (Defected, UK) 2005
Hed Kandi : Disco Kandi 05.05 (Hed Kandi, UK) 2005
The Wine Bar Revisited (EQ, HK) 2005
Danny Marquez & Pierre Ravan Link Dubaï (Bubblesoul, E) 2005
Tom Novy DJ Sessions (Kos, UK) 2005
Dance Train – Club Edition (EMI, Benelux) 2005
Le Club Contact (EMI, Benelux) 2005
Club Dance (BMG, Czech Republic) 2005
Temptation Island (Zomba, Netherlands) 2005
Defected Dfused HMV Sampler (Defected, UK) 2005
Nouveau Niveau (Kosmos, D) 2005
Love In The House 2 (Kickin’, UK) 2006
Defected In The House Miami 2006 (Defected, UK) 2006
Soulheaven presents Masters At Work (Defected, UK) 2006
Danny Marquez Link Miami 2006 (Bubblesoul, E) 2006
The Trendy Eastern Shanghaï (Hi Note, Taïwan, HK, China) 2006
Luxury House (Daredo, D) 2006
Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi In The Mix 06 (Clubstar, D) 2006
Jamie Lewis Mykonos 06 (Universal, Ch) 2006
Café Solaire Vol.10 (Clubstar, D) 2006
Viva Latino 4 (Audio Factory, D) 2006
The French Club Night (Lola’s World, D) 2006
DJ Farone Summer Vibes 2006 (Mbros, CH) 2006
Penthouse Ibiza Vol.02 mixed by Mat Caselli (Globe, D) 2006
For The Love Of House (Defected, UK) 2006
Play Fiat (Time, It) 2006
MTC Red (Snegiri, Russia) 2006
D-fused & Digital 06:02 mixed by Copyright (Defected, UK) 2006
Choice Cuts mixed by Alton Miller (Atal, UK) 2006
Defected In The house International Mixed by Jamie Lewis (Defected, UK) 2006
Kay Rush Vol.02 (Time Records, It) 2006
Nightwax 01 (Stereo FM, D) 2006
In The Mix mixed by George Morel (Wax'n'Soul, D) 2006
Raul Rincon & Ian Carey Compilation (Music Mail, D) 2007
Nouveau Niveau (Kosmos, D) 2007
Soulheaven presents Masters At Work II (Soulheaven, UK) 2007
Sesto Senso (Molto, It) 2007
For The Love Of House (ITH, UK) 2007
Luxury Grooves 01 (Time, It) 2007
D-fused 2 Copyright (ITH, UK) 2007
Brazchill House Vol 3 (Dame + Music, E) 2007
The Grand Mix 2007 (More, D) 2007
Jamie Lewis My Girlfriend Is Out Of Town 3 (Purple, CH) 2007
Defected In The House Miami 07 (Defected, UK) 2007
Barrio Latino 2007 Carlos Campos (George V, F) 2007
House Afrika Hott Groove Experience (House Afrika Records, SAF) 2007
Kay Rush Vol.03 (Time Records, It) 2007
Ku De Ta 2 (Level Two Music, Au) 2007
Jimmy'z Monaco (Futuria, F) 2007
Sunset & Sunrise 7 (PlanetWorks, Gr) 2007
Love Deluxe (Ward, Jpn) 2007
Butterfly Dance Diva (Ramblings, Jpn) 2007
Yes, Please! (Atal Music, UK) 2007
Solid Sounds 2007.2 (News, B) 2007
Private Beach Club (Hit Music, UK) 2007
Luxury Grooves 02 (Time, It) 2007
Versuz mixed by Dave Lambert (Moskito, B) 2007
Clubbing With DJ Ravin In Paris (Time, It) 2007
Defected In The House Eivissa 2007 (Defected, UK) 2007
DJ Zone Deep & Soulful House Session (Time, It) 2007
In Vogue (Hi Note, Taïwan) 2007
Bargrooves Autumn Collection (Seamless, UK) 2007
Harley & Muscle-Café Solaire Vol 13 (Clubstar, D) 2007
Viva Revolution (Digidance, NL) 2007
Electronic Spectrums Vol.1 (Fektive Records, NL) 2007
Summer Sessions 2007 (Milk & Sugar Recordings, D) 2007
Fiat Playa (Time, It) 2007
Biçiopapao (MilanLab, It) 2007
Beach House (Hed Kandi, UK) 2008
SHE Summer Sessions Vol. One (She, Australia) 2008
DJ Zone First Class 07 (Time, It) 2008
Abstract Latin Vibes (Nite Grooves/King Street, USA) 2008
Finest New York House 2008 (King Street, USA) 2008
Yes, Please! Vol 2 Selected by Ralf Gum (Atal, UK) 2008
Yes, Please! Vol 3 Selected by Hanna Haïs (Atal, UK) 2008
House Nation Fourth Gig (Avex, Jpn) 2008
DJ Zone First Class 12 (Time, It) 2009
Jockey Club Ibiza / Las Salinas Session #6 (Royal Plastic, A) 2009
House Nation Ruby (Avex, Jpn) 2009
We Kiss House (Music Mail, D) 2009