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Throughout her enduring 13-year journey as an innovative and internationally renowned singer / songwriter / performer, Ultra Naté has never been your typical dance music diva. She has-with much perseverance, hard work, and talent-successfully shattered the image of the cookie-cutter dance princess. Along the way she confidently erased borders that divided pop,
rhythm-and-blues, and dance. When she first appeared in 1989, with the international club anthem "It's Over Now," no one could have possibly predicted what would become of clubland's original diva of despair. As is
often the case with the typical dance music artist, artistic longevity is not considered to be part of the overall plan. Her illustrious musical career has since spawned 4 studio albums including Blue Notes In The Basement (Warner Bros., 1991), One Woman¹s Insanity (Warner Bros., 1993), Situation: Critical (Strictly Rhythm, 1998) and Stranger Than Fiction (Strictly Rhythm, 2001), as well as, various hit singles such as Scandal, Rejoicing,It¹s
Over Now,Show Me, Joy,New Kind of Medicine,Found A Cure, Divine
Love,Desire,I Don't Understand It
and ³Twisted.

It was with her 1998 million-selling single "Free" (penned by Naté and Mood
II Swing) that Ultra captured the international spotlight. The spiritually uplifting global anthem was a Top-10 pop single throughout much of Europe(in Spain and Italy, the single reached the #1 spot on the national charts).. In the U.S., "Free" soared to the top of the Billboard Club Play and Maxi-Singles Sales charts, before crossing over to Top-40 radio. Over the years, Ultra has worked with an array of acclaimed producers / collaborators such as Nellee Hooper, Masters At Work, Lenny Kravitz, Basement Boys, Soulshock Cutfather and Karlin, the Berman Brothers (on the 1998 hit collaboration "If You Could Read My Mind" from the film, 54 in
which she also appeared), Mood II Swing, 4 Hero, Gerry DeVeaux, Lati Kronlund, D-Influence, Robert Clivilles, Al Mack, and Attica Blues. Most
recently a collaboration with Nellee Hooper and Headrillaz called "How It Is" (co-written by Jill Jones) was prominently featured in the Samuel L. Jackson feature film, Formula 51



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