Crystal Waters

Behind the effervescent “LaDaDee, LaDe Da” chant of CRYSTAL WATERS’ top ten pop hit “Gypsy Woman” was a detailed account of the day-to-day life of a homeless woman in Washington D.C., a woman who “Wakes up early every morning just to do her hair.” It was that kind of detail--realistic, direct, and empathetic--- that brought the character to life and plunged into the consciousness of Top 40 and dance club fans the world over. The work of a true storyteller.

Three years later Crystal Waters returned with her second gold album Storyteller, the follow up to her gold selling Surprise album. Within this new cache of songs rich in detail and soaked up with infectious dance grooves, Crystal again delivered her 4th and 5th #1 Billboard Dance hits with “Relax” and “100% Pure Love” which also was certified gold.

Crystal actually started out writing poetry. At age 14 she was the youngest inductee into the American Poetry Society. “My older sister always used to write so I began by imitating her. When I got to college, I fell out of writing. I was studying business, soon I realized my heart was not in it. I decided, “ I can write--I know I can do that well”

It was a psychic who first planted the seed in Crystals’ head that she should be singing her own material. “I never go to psychics and the one time I went with my friends, I lost my voice that very day. The psychic told me, There is something that you are not doing with your voice that you really want to. I went home and thought about that and the next day I started calling around about singing backup for local musicians.

The story continues.....

She’s’ back....the several hit wonder!!! With an new collection of masterfully produced and written tracks!

• “Gypsy Woman” Certified gold in several countries
• Surprise Album Certified gold
• 100% Pure Love” Certified Gold in several countries
• Storyteller Album Certified gold
• 4 time American Music Awards Nominee
• 2 “Top of The Pops” Performances after having charted in a over a dozen countries.
• 11 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits


“Ms. Waters possesses an idiosyncratic voice. Her elastic phrasing and rhythmic mastery turn tunes like “100% Pure Love” and “What I Need” into hip-hop Lullabies.”
New York Times

“....Waters has more to offer that her genre typically allows....she’s more of a singer than most rappers and more of and rapper than most singers....”
Rolling Stone

“Storyteller has enough potent grooves to satisfy beat addicts”

“Storyteller leaves you wondering what comes next.”

“...this year none of the best singers in the world made records as good as this.”

“Crystal Waters, the Washington singer-songwriter who scored a hit with “Gypsy Woman” in 1991, also sounds more adventurous and mature on her second release, Storyteller.”
The Washington Post

“After reminding faithful fans who rules the dance floor with the floor shakin hit 100% Pure Love,” Waters turns on the multi-flavors to turn in an urban-oriented set that never bores.”
Black Beat