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Sara Devine

There are singers who have the ability to hit the right notes and convey the emotion of the music. And then there are those for whom singing is more than just a talent they possess, it's more like their very reason for being, a force that drives them, a guiding passion of their lives. From an early age it was clear that Sara Devine was more than just a woman who could sing. She was a woman who was placed on this earth to do just that. That singing was in her heart, her soul, and that someday her undeniable passion and purpose would bring Sara's brand of R&B to a wider audience and allow her to bless the world with her voice. Sara Devine was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, the second youngest child in a family of ten kids. Her father was a pastor and her mother sings in church and both parents imparted their love of the spirit and of music to their children: all of whom sing and/or play an instrument. It's no wonder that Sara can't remember a time when music wasn't a part of her life. In adherence to her religious beliefs, Sara and her siblings sang in church and were supposed to stay away from worldly music. But, of course, kids being kids, Sara somehow always managed to check out whomever was on the radio. Today, Sara counts Prince and Whitney Houston, Sarah Vaughn, Sam Cooke and Corey Glover as among her R&B/alternative influences while Christian music greats like Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Commissioned are among her gospel favorites. A good student, Sara never seriously considered making music her career. "I didn't think it was possible," she confesses. "Growing up in Arkansas, there weren't a lot of people around me who grew up to be singers." Armed with her dream, but still pragmatic, Sara studied to become a teacher and was certified as a reading specialist. It was while Sara studying that she met her future husband, fell in love and relocated to New York City where she finished up her education. While attending classes, Sara began to seriously think about making music more of a part of her life and started doing background vocals (among her gigs working with Bilal, Mary Mary, and Sandra St. Victor), singing on commercials, singing in wedding bands, and cutting demos: in short, Sara did whatever she was called upon to do in order to showcase her talents. "There was no way that I was going to stop singing, so I did just about everything that was available to me," Sara admits. "Eventually I decided that I wanted to dedicate all of my time to singing instead of splitting it up between teaching and singing. I loved working with my students and mentoring them, but music was really my passion and fortunately, I got enough gigs to make a living. Even the kids I worked with were excited about me singing." Sara may have been making money but she wasn't fulfilled creatively and she knew that singing other people's songs or backing up other artists wasn't enough. She continued writing original songs and soon had enough material to do an acoustic songwriter's showcase at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York's Greenwich Village. The response was overwhelming and Sara knew that it was time to do music for real. She put a band together and lined up a series of showcases at larger venues. Since then she as released serveral singles and is planning on releasing her debut album this fall. In an age when R&B is often little more than product placement and love and happiness are just throwaway phrases, the songs on Sara Devine's album ring true and feel right. Blessed with emotion and elevated by joy, Sara Devine is making beautiful music for everyone to enjoy.


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