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Even before a single note rolls off his lips, you know that Donnie is not your average singer. Thereís something in those eyes; something in his broad smile and chocolate-coated skin, something in his casual, unassuming demeanor that gives you a clue: this is what true art sounds like, this is how it feels. and how it should be, This is the personification of soul...
Donne is the perfect exsample of true artistry, creative freedom and integrity.His voice, flawlessly, like a well-tuned musical instrument, that complements blends with his songís & arrangements,

Giant Step Records / Motown/Universal Records Recording Artist, the cousin of the ledgendary soul supreme Marvin Gaye... Was Born in Lexington, Kentucky, and migrated to Atlanta at the age of eight. His parents -- both ministers of the Church...
It was the introduced to Giant Step Records President, Maurice Bernstein. Throught close friend India Arie which help to pave the in Donnie's remarkable journey Both artists were signed to the soul music outfit Earthseed and later transitioned to larger entities: Arie to Motown and Donnie to Giant Step Records and Motown/Universal.

Following the approvel of Motown President Kedar Massenberg

In May 2003 Donnie RELEASED his debut album "The Colored Section", The album best discribed by Donnie himself, a musical synopsis of his views and philosophies.

Donnie, Bernstein and Harvey On "Beautiful Me" Donnie embraces his African American beauty,the deep message of self-pride "Cloud 9," The "American National Anthem" delivered like an emotionally-charged preacher calling out to his congregation for unity...The lighthearted, feel-good midtempo "You Got A Friend" and the outstanding "Do You Know?

His appearing in national TV and print ads for Coca Cola along with Musiq, Angie Stone, Amel Larriex, Aaries, and Questlove. One of his songs, "Our New National Anthem," is used as the music bed for BETís 2003 on-air ad campaign while another, "Cloud 9," is featured in the film Brown Sugar, starring Taye Diggs, Mos Def and Queen Latifah

A natural state mind " Iím happy to be nappy/ Iím black and Iím proud / that I have been chosen to wear the conscious cloud."